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Clear Vision Elite

Jake is back to do his final assignment before retiring. This involves eliminating certain persons listed in his last assignment. And now, taking into account that he is already an elite sniper, the missions you'll be taking are also raised in a higher level like varying difficulties in each mission, and some additional features. For example, a shop is now available for purchasing new weapons and modifications like new scopes, bigger mags, etc. and a shooting range for you to practice shots. Upon completing a mission, you earn 1500 dollars, however if you fail, you lose 500 dollars. So, prove yourself being an elite sniper as you engage in each mission!

Your mission is written on the piece of paper found in the kitchen. You have the option on what mission you're going to handle first. You may upgrade your firearms by purchasing materials in the shop or do practice shots in the shooting range. Use mouse to aim at target and click left button mouse to fire. Press "R" to reload and "Space" to zoom the scope view.