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Atticus,is an elite sniper working for the Blood Seal - a mob network which has its origins in Colombia. Play his role in eliminating all the potential threats to the mob organization. Among your missions, killing Giovanni - head of the Cavelli family crime syndicate and the organization's greatest threat, deserves the highest priority. You'll be taking orders from Sergei - Blood Seal's leader and founder. However, your skills in shooting is of no use without the help of Valentino, a.k.a. Blood Muscle. Work closely with him to identify your targets with ease, he collects vital intel about your assignments. Pay attention in every information he has given to you and you'll accomplish your mission smoothly. You may be one of the bad guys this time but it does not matter, work is work! Earn points by accomplishing the mission and in picking up certain items.

Read each mission carefully to ensure success and to avoid failure. You are provided with vital information about your target and the surrounding circumstances. What is to be done is for you to perform it successfully. Each mission, time is of the essence. Press "F" to focus aim, "X"/"C" is to hide or show scope respectively, "V" for night vision, and "R" to reload rifle. New buttons will be introduced as the game progresses. Use mouse for movement and upon aiming at target and left click to shoot or to pick up items. Proper hand placement in the keyboard are "Z" for pinky finger, "X" for ring finger, "C" for middle finger, and "V" for index finger.