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Clear Vision 2

After his parents were killed, Jake, still a child by then, was taken by the killer to a camp somewhere in the desert where he, together with other young boys were trained to become soldiers having no emotion and free will, the Force X25. He was able to escape from the camp and managed to live in the city where he worked as a professional hit man and earned a lot of money. However, despite of such earnings, he still aimed to eliminate the killer of his parents. It was the same person who brought him to the training camp. Then, a chance came up to take his revenge. You're on Jake's shoes right now to take on different missions and his vengeance against his parents' killer.

You are to receive a number of missions through e-mail for you to accept the same. Read each mission carefully to ensure its accomplishment. And also, always be updated to current events - read the newspaper. Use your mouse to aim and click left button mouse to shoot. Read newspapers.