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Mort the Sniper

Just another hero in town! Meet Andre, a professional hitman determined to wipe out the world with lawless elements. This hitman takes in his own hands in rendering judgment against those who transgressed the law. Persons who are noted to be a citizen of loose morals and a violator of the laws of the land beware, for Andre will be depriving you a day in court. He is that determined to cleanse the world from all evils.

A mission is sent through your computer at home. Details of the mission are also provided which includes who the targets to be eliminated and the reason behind why they are being targeted. The missions are not within the pale for trigger-happy persons. It is more than aim and shoot. Be patient in identifying yor targets and also be accurate in shooting them. Use mouse to point at target and left click to shoot. Remember, it will take a while for your rifle to reload. So, ascertain the appropriate time to shoot.