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Assasination Simulator

You want to be the new modern hero? If yes, a mission is waiting for you, that is to protect your country from threats, external or internal ones. Before taking such, you have to undergo first a training and it is already prepared for you. An assassination simulator is for you to take to hone you skills needed for the mission. You'll play the role as a defender of your country. Shoot the targets accurately as soon as they appear, or else, missing them will cost you a life. So, carry on soldier!

Go on and take out the targets accurately and don't even try to miss one or else it will cost you a life. Use the mouse to aim and click left button mouse to shoot at targets. If you ran out of ammunition, press the "spacebar" to reload. A very important reminder, as the game goes on, the targets will appear more faster than they were, so be quick in hitting them but still with utmost accuracy.