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Foxy Sniper 2

Foxy Sniper is back and once again she's ready to prove that a woman is already empowered in the modern world. Though being engaged with the kind of job where women are rarely engaged with, she has what it takes to undertake dangerous missions and even accomplishing it with no sweat. With the new Headquarters, Foxy is alreay more equipped than ever with a room with a computer for you to access top secret missions or even choose which mission is suitable for you at the moment. Also, your job will surely be a success with the help of a number of people in the HQ.

Use the "Arrow Keys" for movement. Press "Space bar" for snipe view or you may hold it to zoom further, and press the same to exit from snipe view. Use mouse to aim at target and left click to shoot. Other options are also available. You can go to Foxy's room use the computer to have access to top secret missions or so that you choose favorite missions. Work with Charles in the Armory - weapon specialist, to check out weapons or upgrade the same. Practice shooting in the shooting range with Lucky, and check on techy updates for your missions through Cho Kasunagi of the Science Department. It is in the briefing room where you are given the details of your mission.